Call for Papers

     The authors are invited to present papers which addresse topics related to the management of water. The goal of the papers is the presentation of the achieved professional experience at national level and the trends worldwide. The papers would be elaborated in Romanian or in English language.

For this purpose you are invited first to submit an abstract in English, up to 800 words, including figures, diagrams or illustrations, in Microsoft Word format. Please, include in the headline of your abstract the following information:

  • Title of the paper
  • Theme
  • Author(s)'s name(s) and affiliations
  • Three key words (to help with easy identification)
  • Contact information (author(s)'s name(s), email(s), postal address (es) and phone (e-mail address)

Abstracts must be received by January 27, 2017 at the following e-mail address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


The proposed themes are:

1. Energy Efficiency
- Solutions for reduction of operation costs
- Energy efficiency equipment
- Alternative sources for energy
- Recovery of residual energy
2. Climate Change Impact
- Variability of consumption and measures to adapt to requirements of customers
- Solutions for management of rainwaters in urban area
- Reuse of wastewater
3. Sustainable Technologies and Materials
- Materials and technologies for the rehabilitation of
water supply and sewerage systems trenchless open
- Case studies in investment projects using
sustainable materials and technologies
- Sustainable design of the water supply schemes (from source to end users)
4. Environmental Aspects
- Solutions to minimize the environmental impact
- Carbon footprint in water supply and sewerage treatment systems
- Risks in the networks operation.


Conference City, Bucharest


Social Programme